SBX 175 Amp Gray 1/0 Battery Connector Assembly Forklift Part


Forklift Gray Battery Connector

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Forklift Battery Connector – Gray 175 amp, 1/0

• Single piece housings of impact resistant poly- carbonate offer both high physical strength and superior dielectric properties
• Silver plated solid copper contacts offer low resistance for superior conductivity
• Self cleaning contact design resists arcing by keeping conductive surfaces clean and free of corrosion
• Contacts have heat treated barrels that readily accept fine stranded wire and allow easy, quality crimping
• Integral stainless steel springs maintain constant pressure on the contact to insure a consistent, low resistance connection
• Mechanical keys in housing prevent mating of dif- ferent color connectors, preventing mismatching of voltages
• Auxiliary contacts provide a secondary circuit connection

Note: Assembly is one housing and two tips

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